Sunday, September 16, 2012

Subway Boy

“You find the one in the most random and unexpected places.”

This is the lie I have been told since I remember asking how my parents met.  (My parents met while they were on dates with other people, so we will let them be the exception.) My sister met her husband on JDate where you are paying to meet people. My friend met her husband in a youth group where you meet people. My other friend met her boyfriend through a mutual friend, and it was a setup. The point is: it’s not random. It’s not unexpected. You don’t find them in unlikely places. You find them the way everyone else does: on a website, through a friend, at a party, at a bar (my parents were at a bar…trashy.).

So, let me ask you this. Is it that insane that I met my one on the subway? I see three of the same people almost every day on the subway. One boy who always looks like he stepped out of a J. Crew catalogue, one girl with possibly the prettiest orange curls in the world but sports a scowl because I’m guessing she is awake, and finally, I see my “one.” He is tall, dark, and Gd I hope he’s Jewish!

Let me tell you more about our relationship. We see each other about three to four times a week. We get on the same subway cart, and we are usually in close proximity. He reads twitter on his phone, I rock out to “Good Vibrations” given the subway vibrates. This was all I really knew about him until this week. He finally noticed me! He looked at me and smiled. And now I can add the most beautiful smile in the entire world to his list of wonderful attributes. 

You think I’m crazy. Maybe I am. But that’s why people call it crazy in love! (I clearly know I am not in love, but I am allowed to have a crush.) I go to the subway every single day. I am bound to meet at least one person down there, and who says it can’t be my one? Not so random, my friends, is it?

Now that I have fallen curls over boots for this boy, I gotta figure out my first move. I can’t just say “Hi” in a crowded subway full of silent people. If I say something there needs to be a purpose behind it.  So I am putting this out to my readers, whoever you are. Do you have any ideas of how I can snag this crush on my morning route and my search for my NJB?


  1. Let me guess- if you found out this subway guy wasn't Jewish he wouldn't be your "one" anymore? From reading your dating history I don't think you can afford to be picky... good luck!

    1. I like to think of my dating life as trial and error. It's just been a lot of trial with minimal success so far. I think I am young and smart enough to have standards. Maybe I am crazy, but I'm sure there is some NJB out there who will love me for it. Thanks for the thoughts though!

  2. Every guy who rides the subway and reads twitter on his phone is now creeped out.

  3. Every guy who rides the subway and reads twitter on his phone just got a big ego boost!

  4. Free your mind! Let go of your search. He'll find you!!! I don't think you should compare your love life to your friends. So what! They're married. That's their destiny. You never know what their future holds. Wake up and be thankful you are not in a miserable relationship. These Mr. Wrongs were not meant to make it to your future for a reason. All blessings in disguise. Live life and let it happen naturally. It will happen. You will meet him.

  5. Have you found a way yet? One way is to drop something in such a way that he'll notice and hand it to you. Then you can thank him and start up a conversation. My aunt's way (that totally worked on my uncle) is to make a bet on something. The thing is, the bet is that if I win, you buy me pizza, and if I lose, then I buy you pizza. Maybe you can bet on how long a delay will be?

  6. I think you are smart to have your standards and stick to them. And I know you'll find your NJB because, just think, he's looking for you too!

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