Monday, February 28, 2011


Remember Maroon 5? In 9th grade they were the hottest band on the scene, or at least in my eyes they were. But why were they so hot over Fall Out Boy in my eyes? Because their lead singer, Adam Levine, was, you guessed it, JEWISH! Don’t worry, this blog is not about my crazy obsession with my boy Adam. (I only have a crazy obsession for Shia Labeouf, who I am still convinced will be my NJB, despite small infractions with the law.) This blog is about Adam Levine’s twin.

In ninth grade, while I was swooning over Jacob, my loyalties were not in check; I fancied myself more than one boy…or man. As I strolled down the cement hallways of Booker T. Washington on a pleasant morning, my breath was taken away by a man who not only resembled but could have made a living out of telling people he was Adam Levine.

Unfortunately, I can’t remember his name to give him a fake name, so we will refer to him as Mr. Biology. He was and probably still is the most delicious looking man to student teach in the science labs of my high school.

After spotting him that day, I passed by his classroom multiple times a day. I made excuses to visit the students in his homeroom. I smiled in his direction. I made jokes that weren’t funny. Any excuse to get his attention, I was using it!

To remember his amazing looks my friend and I decided it would be best to take a picture with him. Of course, once we had the picture it only made sense for him to sign it “Adam Levine” and not by his real name. Since then I have shown that picture to multiple people and told them that he was in fact the real Adam Levine.

Nothing ever came of my sweet thoughts about Adam, I mean Mr. Biology. Looking back at the picture, I am still not convinced that he wasn't indeed Mr. Levine, and maybe he will take over Shia’s spot as my NJB… Laurie Levine… Nanh, Laurie Labeouf still sounds better.

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