Sunday, July 29, 2012

I'm Funny!

Let me let you in on a secret. I’m pretty stinkin’ funny. I mean how many other girls do you know who started a blog like this? My humor and my college degree are two of the things I am proudest of. And since I am suddenly surrounded by Ivy alumni in New York City, my degree is making me less and less proud (Go ILLINI!). So I have my extremely honest humor at the top of my personality resume, followed by delightfully crazy.

Let me let you in on another secret. I don’t like people who don’t think I am funny. (I don’t like dumb people either, but they tend to be the same kind.) On my third day of being signed up for JDate, (yes, I am on it; don’t act surprised) I got an email that read “Hey whats up.” 

Since I moved to New York a short two months ago, I started trying this new thing called not judging, which is very hard for me. He used improper grammar! Apostrophes and question marks should be necessities when you are trying to impress a girl, but I chose to ignore it. 

After receiving this message, I scavenged his profile to try to find something cute and funny to respond with. He said he liked board games, and I happen to fancy them also. I responded:

“Man of few words? I guess when you listed board games as a hobby, scrabble didn’t rank among your favorites :) Hi, I’m Laurie!”

I added the emoticon in so that we would all be aware I was clearly making a joke. I would never intentionally hurt a stranger’s feelings. So you can imagine my surprise when I promptly got this response: 

“Wow so very clever of you, were you very proud of yourself when you wrote that? So witty a board game reference and everything. I generally don't write a more robust introduction because I like to feel out if the person I am writing to is intelligent. I'm real I don't do cheesy pick up lines or rehearsed introductions I let conversation develop naturally.”  (Still having  grammar issues…)

As I said in the beginning, the two things I am proudest of: my humor and intelligence. So as I read his response in my head, I said to myself, “Aw, HELL NO!”  I swiftly responded:

“Actually, I am proud of my clever response since you gave me nothing to respond to because you must lack any type of normal conversational and social skills. I give you a C for effort on trying to put me down simply because your response was average. As for intelligence, check your grammar before you email the next girl.”

And, BOOM! Did he think because I am 22 I wouldn’t be able to come up with a biting response? (He clearly thought my first response was “clever” and “witty.”) I’m not mean and I am trying not to judge, but give me a break. I’m just supposed to let him call me unintelligent without any type of retort?

This encounter was clearly a JDate failure, but who knows for the future on my search for my NJB…

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