Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Prom Part 1

Let’s talk a little more about my high school, my pride and joy for four amazing years. (I am not being sarcastic.) BTW Magnet High School was the greatest high school ever, except for one very important factor.

Wonder why Mary and I liked the same boys? My wonderful arts high school was as good as an all girl’s school. The boy to girl ratio was one to four. That doesn’t take into account the number of gay boys that were in each grade (because it’s an arts school). So in conclusion, the number of available boys was minimal.

Now, let’s talk about this four letter word called PROM! Because of the extreme lack of testosterone in the gray pavement hallways of BTW, girls were forced to go dateless or ask dates to this horrific event. Mary went with Richard in 11th grade after I convinced her she would rather attend the dance than go to the A-Day Football game. And I took the sophomore.

The sophomore wore a white dinner jacket with his collar popped. When my father (whose dad owned a suit shop) tried to fix his collar, the sophomore told my dad he was wrong. It was suppose to be popped up. (No it wasn’t.)

Now let’s talk about dancing. While most girls find comfort in touching their behinds to other behinds, I don’t! I feel as if it looks weird and is uncomfortable. The problem with this is that the sophomore didn’t know how to dance any other way besides the whole sandwiched together close dancing.

Clearly this night was just uncomfortable on all counts. Mary was with a boy I liked, and my date and I were on shaky grounds with dance etiquette.

But all of this would have been fine because I didn’t truly like the sophomore; He was my date out of necessity. However, after having an awkward but good time with him and my friends in April, in May he de-friended me on Facebook…rude. (I don't like to be de-friended; I like to de-friend.)

When I inquired about the decrease in my number of friends, he made excuses about how he was moving and he thought it was an easier way to say goodbye…What? Did he think I was an obsessed freak that was incredibly into him?

I most definitely was not obsessed with him, since I was still obsessing over daydreams of Casey converting to be my NJB. After this prom, I had a bad taste in my mouth that would emerge again for the next year.

2007 Prom


  1. I completely forgot about this!! Good tines, good times.

  2. This is too funny! You're right - if ever a word deserved to be classified as a 4-letter word, it's PROM!!!