Monday, March 21, 2011

Let the Saga Begin

Following health and driver’s Ed. with Casey, Mary and a member of the Blood gang (awesome or scary?), I followed them up with 11th grade pre-calculus with only Casey. Our already formed, solid friendship, made it obvious that we should sit by each other, I in front of him in the row closest to the door.

In October, my school’s annual Fall Formal dance was upon us. (We didn’t have homecoming because we didn’t have sports because we were an arts school…coolest losers ever!) At this time I experienced what would happen to me at least three more times in my life. With my heart full of joy and happy feelings for Casey, he asked me, “Do you think Mary would go to the dance with me?”

You know that feeling where you fall on your back causing extreme pain and shortened breath? I think it’s called getting the wind knocked out of you. As my stomach twisted into knots and my brain screamed at my eyes to not cry, I did what I had never done before. I held my feelings in, and responded, “Of course; I will help you ask her.” Then I proceeded to the bathroom to try and breathe again. Getting punched is never an easy pain to recover from.

From there we made a plan to put flowers on Mary’s car with a note asking her. (The way I always wanted to be asked to a dance. It’s important to note that I was never asked this way, nor was I ever asked to a dance in high school. But I wasn’t a loser…I don’t think.) There was no question, Mary said yes. She was thrilled and excited. Mary didn’t look at this as winning. We were best friends, not competition. And honestly, as much as I was sad that he liked her and not me, I was just as happy that she was happy. (Maybe not just as, but I was happy-ish.)

Everything was perfect, until Casey accidentally insulted Mary's and my other best friend, Carrie. I didn’t talk to Casey for a week, which was a tough action seeing as I still liked him and we still sat by each other in first period. Mary didn’t go to formal with him.

Instead the three of us, me, Mary and Carrie, boycotted the dance. The night was one to remember, including a fancy dinner, Starbucks and rolling and skittleing a friend’s yard who was at the dance. Later we tried rolling one more house, but that story is for next week. Needless to say, this was not the end of the Mary-Laurie-boy saga. And I continued in my grand pursuit of a simply nice boy.

Blogger’s note: I love Mary very much, and she is still very much one of my best friends, despite every boy in the entire world loving her. Hopefully my NJB won’t see what we all see in her…

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