Monday, January 24, 2011

Start of a One-Way Relationship

Brown hair, blue eyes, quarterback of the Saint James’s Trojans middle school football team, and president of National Junior Honor Society…Perfect wrapped up inside the body of Will Martin.

Some would describe my relationship with Will as obsessed and unhealthy. I warmly remember it as the best one-way relationship I have ever had. Because this was a three year love affair, I will just enlighten you on how much I loved him. (Yes, I said loved, and yes, I mean loved. I had a lot of feelings to share and give when I was 11-14.)

This perfect boy was the proud owner of locker number 234, which was not so coincidentally my second favorite number in the alphabet of numbers. I circled it in all of my notebooks with a heart around it. My first favorite number was eight, his football jersey number. I accordingly chose that as my volleyball jersey number and locker room locker number.

Having this number in common with him made me feel closer to him since we were far from being in the same social circles. This crush was the typical loser girl likes awesome, popular, cool boy of the school. (He owned this title due to the captain of football team status.)

My idolization for Will was best described by what I still believe to be the most poetic words to have ever been released from my blue ink pen onto the pages of my 6th grade history book: Will Martin is the sun in my heart.

These eight colorfully majestic words would haunt me a year later when Danny Heart, the boy I sold my books to each year, pranced around the quad showing all the little twits my deepest most cherished emotions for the love of my middle school life.

You would have thought after that incident I would have learned to not write such intelligent and articulate thoughts in my book, but no. During these memorable three pathetic years I quit my search for an NJB and worked on my hunt for Will Martin.


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